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Read + Review — The Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz

Isle_LostThe book, The Isle of the Lost, is about four children who are the descendants of major antagonists in fairy tales. The protagonist in this story is Mal, the daughter of Maleficent, who goes on an adventure with other kids in order to find her scepter. This magical scepter can bring disagreeable enthusiasm to her mother Maleficent and all of the citizens of the Isle of the lost, the lonesome island where all villains and their kids live for eternity. On this magical journey, grumpy and unenthusiastic Mal creates friendships with and forms bonds between herself and the other children.

From my personal experience, I did not find this book being of the best quality. The plot line of the story was not my favorite, but it brought some smiles and bursts of joys all throughout. One of the things that I found most unappealing, was that the last page in my book said to watch the movie to find out what the ending was like. This made me think negatively because I truly enjoy completing a book when you can personally know and can relate to what will happen in the story. I felt like this ruined my experience, and next time I read a similar book to this I hope that they include an ending.

I think that one of the most memorable things about this book, is how people learn to accept people for who and how they react to their surroundings. Mal had always hated Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen, and wanted to make Evie’s life miserable because she had not invited Mal to her birthday party. Through the event of searching for the scepter, Mal learns about Evie’s personality, and how it can impact their group in many positive ways.


Reviewed by Natasha, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library


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