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Read + Review: I Funny TV: A Middle School Story by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

This exciting story mostly takes place in Silvercup Studios and in Jamie’s school. The main characters of this book is Jamie Grimm, Gilda Gold, Lars Johannsen, Mr. Amodio, and Mr. Wetmore.
Jamie Grimm has recently been chosen as the funniest kid in the world. When he won his title, he got a cash prize and an agreement that he would star in his own show. Now that he stars in his own show, he slowly begins to forget about his friends. He has promised his best friend, Gilda, that he would help her get a film scholarship at UCLA by making a short video clip for a contest. But, with his own TV show to handle, Jamie forgets about this video and Gilda, Pierce, and Gaynor all get mad at him. He realizes that his friends no longer trust him. But, there is no time for him to think about this. His producer, Joe Amodio, tells him that the pilot, or the first episode of a TV series, will be live on TV in a few days.Will his career be a success or a failure?
I loved reading this book. This book had many jokes and puns that made me laugh for a long time. Also, I can relate myself to Jamie. I found out that we have some of the same problems. An example of a problem that we have in common is middle school life in general. Although this is a book about jokes, the author put in some sad stories here and there to make the book a little bit more interesting. For example, the author mentions about the death of Jamie’s parents and his little sister.
One thing I will always remember about this book are the jokes and the sad stories. These jokes were very funny and they were not like any of the other jokes that I have read. Also, the sad stories were very tragic. I felt sympathy towards Jamie.
In conclusion, I think that people who love jokes will enjoy reading this book.


Reviewed by Eugene, Grade 6, Twin HIckory Area Library

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