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Read + Review: The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

51je-Tg3pHL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_In the second book of the Maze Runner series, the Gladers have finally found the exit to the Maze! After maintaining a teenage society for two years, the Gladers escaped the vicious Grievers and completed WICKED’s experiment. WICKED, an organization dedicated to saving the world from a disease known as the Flare, claimed that the Gladers were put into the Maze in order to conduct an experiment that would save the human race. But now the Gladers hate WICKED because half of the Gladers died while fighting the Grievers and escaping the Maze. Thomas, Newt, Minho, Teresa, and all other surviving Gladers celebrate their victory, thinking that would get their old lives back as a reward for solving the Maze. Teresa is labeled “The Betrayer”, and sure enough, she goes missing. Teresa is replaced by a boy named Aris who claims that he is from Group B, which was also put in the Maze. The Gladers, who are Group A in WICKED’s experiment, are surprised that there is another group. The Gladers are anxious and confused about the situation until a man from WICKED explains everything: The Maze was only Phase 1 of WICKED’s experiment. There is a second phase to WICKED’s experiment that is even more dangerous than the Maze. For Phase 2, Aris and the Gladers must journey to a place called the Scorch in less than two weeks to find a cure for the Flare. Nothing except for a few supplies will be provided during the trip, and zombie-like Cranks will be dangerous enemies. Will Aris and the Gladers find a cure for the Flare? Will the Gladers find Teresa?

I thought that this book was pretty good. I actually liked this book more than I liked The Maze Runner, the first book of the Maze Runner series. Although The Scorch Trials was a little confusing and boring at first, it became very exciting when the man from WICKED revealed that there would be a second phase to WICKED’s experiment. I knew that this book would be a good one when Teresa disappeared and was labeled as “The Betrayer”. When Teresa betrayed Thomas and the Gladers, I also felt betrayed. I was not sure if Teresa was forced to betray the Gladers or just chose to betray them. I did not like Teresa after she betrayed the Gladers because I just could not trust her anymore. My favorite character was Minho because unlike Teresa, he was loyal to the Gladers and acted like a leader. I respect Minho because he was both funny and brave in this book. Although I liked how the book had lots of cliff-hangers, I did not like how the entire book ended with a huge cliff-hanger that left me unsatisfied. But overall, this book was great! I would recommend this book to everyone who read The Maze Runner and everyone who likes to read dystopian novels.

It is hard to forget the cranks. The cranks are memorable because of their vivid descriptions. They are humans that have succumbed to the Flare. Some of them are insane, while others have decayed body parts.


Reviewed by James, Grade 8, Gayton Library

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