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Read + Review: A Curious Tale of In-Between by Lauren DeStefano

51je-Tg3pHL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_A Curious Tale of the In-Between by Lauren DeStefano is really a curious tale. This story takes place in the main character’s house, the school she goes to, and a haunted mansion. Pram Bellamy, the main character, has a gift (or curse) of talking to ghosts. When she was younger, her mother died and her father left her, so she had ended up living with her aunts. Ms. Appleworth, the local school teacher, comes every year to see how Pram’s aunts are teaching her and when she had visited again, she wanted her to start school because she did not understand her curriculum very well. On her first day of school, Pram had met a very nice boy named Clarence Blue. Clarence also lost his mom at a very young age, and for this reason they both understood each other very well. Clarence soon discovers Pram’s secret of talking to ghosts. Pram introduces Clarence to Felix, a ghost which Pram always talks to for company. The next time they meet, he took her to see a spiritualist named Lady Savant. This is where the real story begins.

In this book what really stood out for me is whenever the author would describe the events the reader could picture it in his or her mind like a movie. Some parts where the main character would feel hopeless on her thoughts and life were not parts to like so much. Throughout the story there is a repetitive scene where the main character, Pram, thinks her mother died because of her and her father left her for the reason that she killed his true love. This is where the real twist is. Overall the character who suffered the most was happy at the end.

The most memorable thing in is the book would be how much the main character cared for nonliving or dead things instead for living things. The person she cared for is her best friend, but the one time she cared for living things he went away to another world.


Reviewed by Yashasvisai , Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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