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Read + Review — Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard I: The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan

51je-Tg3pHL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Magnus Chase had never lived a normal life. Ever since his mother told him to run on that night two years ago, he has been living on the streets of Boston, staying one step ahead of the police. On one fateful day, Magnus learns that his Uncle Frederick, cousin Annabeth, and Uncle Randolph are in search of him. While Magnus would welcome his cousin Annabeth and Uncle Frederick, his Uncle Randolph is a man his mother told him to avoid no matter what. While Magnus tries to outmaneuver Randolph, he ends up falling right into his arms. Randolph begins to ramble about Norse mythology, the gods of Asgard, wolves, Doomsday, and Magnus’s birthright: a weapon that had been lost for thousands of years. Before Magnus has time to put the pieces of this puzzle into place, a fire giant attacks Boston. Magnus must chose whether to save himself, or the hundreds of innocent people at mercy of the attacks.

Rick Riordan is perhaps my favorite author of all time. While I have read all of his books, I believe the Magnus Chase series is by far his best work yet. I had no idea Thor and Loki were gods of Norse mythology, much less had I ever heard of Norse mythology. I had always assumed Thor and Loki were Marvel characters! One thing I am thankful for is that the story is written in a first person perspective, narrated by Magnus himself. This makes the story much more interesting in my opinion, as Rick Riordan’s “Heroes of Olympus” series was written in third person, which I believe made the book feel dull.

One thing I really loved about this book was the humor. Magnus is a very funny character in this book, even in battle against the enemy. There were a couple of times where I had to close the book just so I could stop laughing.


Reviewed by Premsai, Grade 8, Gayton Library

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