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Read + Review — Confessions: The Murder of an Angel by James Patterson


In this final installment of the Confessions series, Tandy Angel is faced with her biggest challenge. On the outside, Tandy appears like an average 17-year-old girl, but on the inside, she is a soul beset by loss and tragedy. After experiencing the traumatic loss of her parents, Tandy is looking to start a new life in New York City with one mission: to destroy Angel Pharmaceuticals, her parents’ legacy. The company, which manufactures performance enhancing “vitamins,” is responsible for the deaths of young children across the world. When someone starts trying to kill Tandy though, the book takes a drastic turn. Will she find whose out to get her or will death catch up to Tandy before she can achieve her goal?

James Patterson manages to keep the main character and the reader in a mental limbo throughout the story. Tandy can be described as mentally unstable, but being unsure whether or not to trust her narrative makes the book all the more enjoyable to read and adds to the mystery. This was something very unique to this story, as I had yet to read a book like it. It was an exciting plot with plane crashes, murder attempts, and detective work. While the ending was slightly anti-climactic, it was a good book with dynamic characters and vivid details that stay with you long after you put down the book.

The author does an exceptional job at conveying the emotions of Tandy and her brothers. The fear and anger that frequently rush through Tandy left quite an impression on me, as I could almost feel it myself. I can’t imagine being so driven as to destroy the life’s work of a family member. Throughout the entire book, I questioned Tandy’s sanity and what she claimed to be the truth, but her narrative was very memorable nonetheless.

Reviewed by Alexander, Grade 9, Twin Hickory Area Library

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