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Read + Review — The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

scorch_trialsThomas, a young teenager, along with several of his friends, are forced to make the journey through the most terrible and hottest place on Earth, the Scorch. The Scorch is infested with diseased maniacs, referred to as Cranks. Cranks are ruthless killing machines; they have no brain, heart, or any other organs. However for Thomas, to keep himself and his friends alive, there is no other choice.

The book was an amazing book with a very in-depth and thought out plot. However, adding a little more humor would probably make the book better. Not only is there just one large conflict, there are several smaller conflicts. The smaller conflicts act as puzzle pieces so when put together, they create the main conflict.

One memorable thing about the book was when Thomas and his friends had their first encounter with a Crank. As Thomas was sleeping, he heard muted yelling and screams. When finally came to his senses, he saw all his friends running around yelling and pointing at the window. Thomas looked at the window and saw shattered glass all over the floor and steel bars where the window was supposed to be. A man with bloody hands, disease splotched skin, no hair, and bloodshot eyes was screaming “Kill me!” over and over again.

Reviewed by Atharva, Grade 7, Twin Hickory Area Library

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