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Read + Review — Unforgiven by Lauren Kate

UnforgivenCam is a fallen angel who made a deal with the wrong person. After finding out that the love of his life, Lilith, died and went to Hell, Cam just has to save her, so he makes a deal with Lucifer, the devil. If Lilith can fall back in love with Cam in fifteen days, then Lucifer will let her go, but if not, then Cam must work as Lucifer’s right hand man for the rest of eternity.  Lilith’s life has been a living hell. Her mom doesn’t love her, her brother is sick all the time, and she has no friends at school. The only good thing in her life is her guitar and her music. Then Cam shows up and, for some reason, wants to befriend her. Lilith is suspicious at first and reluctant to befriend him, but something about him just draws her in.

This book is such an adorable romance. It is short and sweet and will leave your heart melting. While fallen angels and an endless hell aren’t in every romance novel, the romance part of the plot isn’t very unique. Girl meets guy, girl doesn’t like guy, guy makes girl fall for him, and happily ever after. Kate does almost the same thing in this novel except she adds angels and hell.

I loved the metaphors in this book. When the main character talks about her music, she uses lots of analogies and metaphors that even a non-musical person would be able to understand. It is very creative and fun to read.

Reviewed by Dorothy, Grade 11, Gayton Branch Library

1 thought on “Read + Review — Unforgiven by Lauren Kate”

  1. Cam was my favourite thing about the Fallen series. I promised myself that I wasn’t going to read any of the spinoff novels, and yet… I might have to make an exception.

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