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Read + Review — This Raging Light by Estelle Laure

this raging lightThe book is about a high school senior that is forced to take over her household. Her father went crazy and her mother left for a vacation she won’t be returning from. She is responsible for taking care of her sister and the house while keeping up appearances. In the midst of all of this, she is in love with her best friend’s brother, and has to learn to manage her feeling and responsibilities all at once.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the writing style of the author, Estelle Laure. She was extremely creative in the ways she incorporated humor and romance into Lucille’s difficult life. The supporting characters were always there to help the main character, but at the same time everything didn’t always work out. I appreciated how the book had real elements and the message that life doesn’t always work out.

One memorable thing about the book is how Lucille and her sister have family friends that are so supportive of them. Even still, Lucille does her very best to support herself and her sister using as little help as possible.

Reviewed by Nitya, Grade 10, Twin Hickory Area Library

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