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Read + Review — Unwanteds: Island of Graves by Lisa McMann

Island of GravesAfter Aaron is mistakenly captured, Alex is faced with the decision of saving his brother or staying with his people. When he finally makes his choice, Alex is faced with yet another problem. Gondoleery Rattrapp has taken over Quill and is slowly killing its people. Without any way to convince the people of Quill to join Artimé, Alex must journey in search of the person he never thought he would ask: his brother.

The plot of the book was very intriguing and kept me hooked all night. The author switches between perspectives of Alex and Aaron throughout the book to add to the excitement. Also, the author adds new characters and thrilling problems to face the brothers. Overall, the book was amazing, be ready for many surprises!

While searching for Aaron, Alex and Sky discover an island with what seems to be a living person on it. Surrounded by dangerous gorillas, the girl pleads for help from Alex and Sky. What they don’t know is that the girl holds information the two Unwanteds could never prepare themselves for.

Reviewed by Hanna, Grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library

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