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Read + Review — Daniel X: Lights Out by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

Daniel X Lights OutDaniel X is an alien. Literally. After experiencing a shortage of his powers, Daniel smashes into a speeding Mack truck on a starry night in Kentucky. He wakes in a strange hospital where he gathers stunning “facts” about himself. He soon starts to doubt his own conscience on whether he is Daniel X, an alien hunter from Alpar Nok, or if he is Daniel Manashil, an ordinary high school kid who crashed his motorcycle. As he uncovers that he is actually Daniel X, an alien hunter whose mission is to terminate all the alien outcasts on Terra Firma, he also has to destroy an enormous insect shaped monster called the “Prayer,” who killed his parents long ago, is threatening the entire universe, and jeopardizing everyone’s life. Daniel also meets an otherworldly “horse,” Xanthos, and Mikaela, who both teach him many valuable lessons on his mission to save the universe. Daniel also has his superpowers to help him (they include teleportation, time travel, shape-shifting, and more) defeat the ultimate villain. Can Daniel X, Alien Hunter, defeat the Prayer and save all jeopardized lives or will his plan to defend the universe and avenge his parents fail? Will he need more than a giant can of bug spray to defeat this evil, monstrous creature

In Daniel X: Lights Out, I really liked the action events. The authors really put the sequences together very well. One event flowed into another without losing any interest and suspense. The way the authors made a connection between Dana and Melody was interesting and unique because I hadn’t heard of that sort of connection in a book. It surprised me for sure, but it was a pleasant, interesting sort of surprise. Another part was when Daniel had a really major casualty. It took my interest because I had only heard that in one other book, Magnus Chase. It might seem strange and abnormal for that to happen to a character, but the real fun and action normally starts after that point. I think the authors really thought and worked hard on this book and it paid off. I would rate this book 5 stars because the authors made a book worth reading and I would recommend this book to all of my friends.

A memorable thing about this book was the suspense in each and every scene. Every sequence of scenes was like a constant book series, always ending for a new book to begin, starting off fresh with something connecting to the previous book. I never wanted to put the book away until I had finished it because it was so interesting and filled with suspense. I was intrigued by this way of writing and I hope I can find the previous books in the series so I can read more on the adventures of Daniel X, Alien Hunter.

Reviewed by Ojas, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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