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Read + Review — Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

saint anything

Sydney and her family are going through a hard time after their other child, Peyton, goes to jail. Sydney is very upset with her brother. Sydney’s family is fairly rich, but since they had to pay for Peyton’s lawyer, money is tight. Sydney decides to transfer from her private school to a public school. There she discovers what she has missed out on all this year. She makes new friends, who help her get through her problems.

I think the book was excellent. I love how different this book is from the author’s other books. It is a major page turner! I would recommend this book to anyone. This is now my favorite book out of all of Sarah Dessen books.

My most memorable part of the book is when Sydney and Layla become friends. Layla really helps Sydney get through her problems. Layla just reminds me of a friend of mine, who has helped me through all my problems in life. Everyone needs a friend like Layla.

Reviewed by Olivia, Grade 12, Gayton Branch Library

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