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Read + Review — Telling Tales: Writing Captivating Short Stories by Rebecca Langston-George

Telling Tales

The book is a great guide for someone who wants to write a short story. There is an in-depth explanation for each component of a short story. There is information about inspiration, setting, plot, conflict, characters, point of view, theme, foreshadowing, plot twists and figurative language. All of these things were thoroughly discussed in the book. There was also descriptions of famous authors of short stories. Some were Rudyard Kipling, Ray Bradlury, Jack London and Sandra Cisneros. The book gave many helpful tips to writing captivating short stories.

The book was interesting even though it wasn’t a story. When I was reading the book, I was encouraged to grab a pen and paper many times throughout the book. The book gave me plenty of ideas and topics as I read it. Rebecca Langston-George gave examples of famous short stories that went hand in hand with the current topic. After I finished this book, I was very confident that I could write a short story.

The author used the word, inspire, so many times it is stuck in my head. She showed that good short stories only come from inspiration.
Reviewed by Saarthak, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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