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Read + Review: Moth Flight’s Vision by Erin Hunter


This book was about the origins of medicine cats and the foundations of the clans. Following the story of the first medicine cat, Moth Flight, Hunter tells the story about how some of the Clan’s traditions came into place. Set in the forest long before the Prophecies Begin series, this book contains SkyClan as one of the forest clans. Main characters include Moth Flight, the farm cat Micah, and such ancestral cats as Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt.

Much as I appreciated the book, I found that having read some of the previous stories to be helpful. While nothing in “Moth Flight’s Vision” required extreme explanation, subtleties and nuances crop up throughout the novel that could be appreciated better with better knowledge. Also, the past-tense, third-person writing style distances the reader from the narrator, which rankles me. However, if one judges a book by the ink marks on paper, one would never learn the stories. I did find the story a pleasurable read, even if the writing style felt stale.

My favorite part of the book is that, though you have an idea where the plot is going, it still feels surprising whence read. I feel that there is no scene that I can write about, for fear of spoiling the novel, even though I know that intuitive readers will know exactly where the story will go. I must admit, I relish this feeling of secrecy.

Reviewed by Addie, Grade 9, Libbie Mill Library

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