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Read + Review — Daniel X: Lights Out by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

Daniel X Lights OutDaniel X appears to be a normal teenager, but he really isn’t. He has the ability to use his mind to create things. Daniel X has been hunting aliens most of his life. Aided by his power to create anything he can think of, he’s fought his way up the list of the galaxy’s most wanted aliens. But even after all of this fighting, there remains one alien, and this is the toughest one, the Prayer. The Prayer was the alien that ruined Daniel’s life when his whole family was murdered. And since the Prayer is considered a god, Daniel is the only one that can stop him, and he has to do it without his powers.

I enjoyed most things about the book. It combined several things that I enjoy reading about and described them in an eye-catching way. I actually disliked the main character throughout the book, but the book was still a good one to read. The reason I did not like him is that he relied so heavily on his powers, which made him seem weak without them. The writing style was very good, as James Patterson is an excellent author. The included humor and sarcasm throughout the book also made it very appealing to the eye.

The most memorable thing about the book was actually in the first 100 pages, and that was when Daniel lost his powers. This event in the book stood out to me because it combined sarcasm and drama. It was also described in great detail so it made it even more enjoyable to read.

four stars
Reviewed by Abhinav, Grade 8, Gayton Branch Library

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