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Read + Review — Information Insecurity: Privacy Under Siege by Brendan January

Information InsecurityInformation Insecurity is a non-fiction book about the violation of privacy online in the 21st century. It gives examples of cases where a person’s private life, however innocent, has been wrongly intruded upon. It explains who intrudes the lives of others, from advertisers to tech companies to even our government. The book also educates others on how they gather our information, what they gather, and how to avoid having their information gathered.

I enjoyed the thoroughness of the book, in the sense that it left no information out. It had all the specific cases, quotes from large public figures in the tech world, and solid explanations. It creates good future references for the reader. One thing I did not like about this book, was the fact that I didn’t end up agreeing with too many of the points. While it tried to be, it simply wasn’t very convincing. With all of this in mind, I enjoyed the book overall because of how informative it was.

The most memorable part of this book was how it shared both sides of the discussion about Edward Snowden. The government was mainly against him, because they viewed his poor discretion of NSA habits as treason. However, the community believed he shed light onto many of the privacy issues in the 21st century with documents to support it. The book did a fantastic job of reviewing this topic.

Reviewed by Varun, Grade 7, Twin Hickory Area Library

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