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Read + Review — The Art of the Possible: An Everyday Guide to Politics by Edward Keenan

The Art of PossibleThis book is overloaded with interesting facts about society. The book is centered around three questions: What is politics, what role do we play in politics and how does society solve its problems? It tells about influential people that affected society such as Malala Yousfzai, Zhan Haite, Kelvin Doe, Jane Jacobs and Mary-Pat Hector. In addition, the book gives information about types of government, power, conflict, authority and how society speaks out against its problems. Edward Keenan covers all topics related to society, government and types of politicians.

The book taught me a lot about politics. I learned how work and thought goes in to creating and running a successful government. Before I read the book, and my parents turned on the news, I was utterly confused and dumbfounded by the vocabulary. I thought they were speaking another language. After I read the book, I started to understand the news. Moreover, I am now interested in the news. I also learned how people react to political decisions or ideas.

Because I read the book, I will always remember that I have a large role in society, no matter how old I am. I will always remember how many people tried to alter the government.  Some succeeded, yet some failed.  People tried to change the government for many different reasons.


Reviewed by Saarthak, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library.

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