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Read + Review — Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard by Rick Riordan

Sword of Summer

In Rick Riordan’s newest novel, we are introduced to yet another demigod hero, Magnus Chase. Ever since his mom passed away, Magnus Chase has been a homeless, unkempt orphan who is surviving on the streets of Boston, Massachusetts. Although he has friends and allies, like fellow homeless vagabonds, he does have enemies. And when Magnus discovers his connection to Norse Gods, he realizes that he has more than ever.

Magnus Chase is yet another one of Rick’s captivating mythological books. When you read this book, there is no denying that his carefree, sarcastic characters are funny and unique throughout the story. I find it fascinating how someone can stir up such an entertaining yet educational story in their head, but it seems as though that is the author’s second nature. The only thing that bothers me about Magnus Chase is that if you have read his previous novels, you would see an obvious similarity between the two, and now there is practically a stereotype for ‘demigod hero’ and some of the other minor (and major) characters. But overall, I really enjoyed reading Magnus Chase.

I can’t help but love how Magnus Chase is fictional and educational at the same time. You can enjoy a playful, entertaining story and learn quite a bit about Norse mythology as you do it. And who knows- you may need to know that information someday!


Reviewed by Lexi, Grade 6, Tuckahoe Library

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