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Read + Review — Under Their Skin by Margaret Peterson Haddix



This thrilling science fiction novel is about two twins in Maywood, Ohio, who find out that their parents are hiding a secret about their step-siblings from them. Their mom tells the twins, Nick and Eryn, that she is going to get married. However, she tells them that her fiance, Micheal, has two kids that Eryn and Nick didn’t even know about! Their mom tells them that they will never have to see or meet their step-siblings ever, which is even more strange. In the book, the twins try to uncover the secret about their step-siblings, and what their mom is trying to hide.

The book was intriguing to read and always kept my eyes glued to the page. Each chapter revealed more secrets, while the suspense became more intense. The character’s personalities were very dynamic and realistic. Although I am usually not a fan of science fiction novels and the plot wasn’t very realistic, this book would always have me shocked with surprise as I turn through each page.

I really enjoyed how the author showed the affection that Eryn and Nick had for each other. They always looked out for each other. In fact, they can even know what each other is thinking because of the strong bond they have. Their relationship seemed to give the book a more realistic feature.

0-five-stars2Reviewed by Victoria, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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