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Read + Review — Fast Break by Mike Lupica

51sRen3kz2L._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgIn this book Jayson, the main character, is living by himself in apartment in North Carolina after his mother died. No one knows that he is living by himself and if anyone found out he would have to live in an orphanage. Jayson has to steal food just to survive, and he has grown quite good at it. Jayson is an outstanding basketball player, one of the best for his age in the country, and he needs a new pairs of basketball shoes. He decides that he will be able to steal a pair of basketball stories, just like how he steals food. He gets caught stealing the shoes and his whole story is discovered. He gets put with a foster family and he lives on the opposite side of North Carolina where the richer people live. He doesn’t think that he belongs there or with the kids at his school or on his team. Read the book to find out if Jason decides he fits in with these kids and his new family.

I thought that this book was very good because every time one exiting part ended another would begin, and unlike most books there weren’t any parts where I was bored. The characters in this book the main character, Jayson, has to deal with many struggles in his life. The other characters in this book helped him to overcome his struggles, Bryan, Ms. Moretti, Mrs. Lawton, Mr. Lawton, and Zoe which I liked. I also liked the tough situations that Jayson had to overcome in this story. This book uses great detail to describe the action and it really sucks the reader in. If you are looking for a humorous book, then this is not the book for you, but it does have a great story.

The thing that I found most memorable about this book was in one of Jayson basketball games Jayson, who is normally the most unselfish basketball player, doesn’t pass the ball to one of his teammates and tries to win the game himself to prove that he’s good to his new teammates. Read the story to find out if Jayson makes the shot and proves himself to his new teammates, or if he misses the shot and makes his teammates angry for being a selfish player.

Reviewed by Spencer, Grade 6, Tuckahoe Library


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