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Read + Review — Middle School: Ultimate Showdown by James Patterson


This book shows how Rafe and Georgia Katchadorian (brother and sister) have completely different mindsets about things. Rafe, on one hand, is more playful and more of a trouble maker. Georgia is more intellectual and more confident. It’s almost hard to believe that these two are related after reading just the first few pages of the book.

This book is different from the other books in the Middle School series. I like how it shows two perspectives instead of just one. Also, I like how Georgia has a say in this book, because in other books of this series there isn’t really that much of her. This is definitely a book i would recommend to fellow peers.

The most memorable thing in this book is certainly the diversity in both perspectives. While reading from one point of view, you have one idea about the current situation. After reading the other point of view, you have a different idea. The two sides really play out well with each other.

Reviewed by Nickolas, Grade 8, Glen Allen Library


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