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Read + Review — Under Their Skin by Margaret Peterson Haddix


The book Under Their Skin is a modern day thriller. Two twins, Eryn and Nick, live a normal live in Maywood Ohio, or so they thought. The twins’ mother has made a decision to remarry, a computer programmer, Micheal. Eryn and Nick soon learn that Micheal has kids, but that they will not be able to meet their stepsiblings. Going against their wishes, the twins attempt to meet their stepsibilings, and uncover the secret that their mother is supposedly hiding.

The book was thrilling throughout. Margaret Patterson Hadix wonderfully produces another must-read novel, as I was unable to put it down. The novel contained both its ups and downs. The characters in this book seemed very surreal, as their personalities were animated and alluring. Although this book goes under the catergory of Science Fiction Thriller, I found many of the situations in the book to be unrealistic, or not make sense to the plot, but nonetheless, I enjoyed this novel.

The most memorable thing in the novel was Eryn’s nature. She had a vivid imagination, thinking about what could go wrong in every situation she was in. Eryn’s worrying nature made it capable for the twins to take precaution in each situation and soon accomplish their goal.


Reviewed by Yagnik, Grade 7, Twin Hickory Library

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