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Read + Review — Under Their Skin by Margaret Peterson Haddix


Despite their parents’ divorce, twins Nick and Eryn have been inseparable since birth. When their mom decides to remarry, they continue their ordinary lives in a new house with a new stepdad, but one secret changes it all: their hidden stepsiblings. The twins are told that they are never to meet these new kids, which sparks suspicion in the both of them. This launches a search for the truth that reveals far more than the twins expect. With every new turn in the mystery, the twins find themselves questioning what they know more and more. Who are these stepsiblings and why are they being kept hidden? It soon becomes clear to Nick and Eryn that the answer has some far-reaching effects.

Under Their Skin is a book that really makes you think and question your surroundings. I found that the beginning of the book was slightly repetitive and flat, but once you peel back these outer layers, it turns into a very exciting read. The plot is a series of unexpected twists that explore the themes of family and human existence itself. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys science fiction because Margaret Haddix crafts a setting that is completely different from what we know today, filled with robots, apocalyptic events, and so forth. The ending left me excited for the next installment in the series.

The author does a very good job at connecting the reader with the main protagonists, Nick and Eryn. In this way, as a reader you experience the same anxiety and surprise that the characters face. There are points in the book where the twins feel completely isolated from the people and things around them, and these moments really stuck with me after finishing the book.


Reviewed by Alexander, Grade 9, Twin Hickory Library

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