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Read + Review — Voyagers: Project Alpha by D.J. MacHale


The Earth is running out of fuel. Until now, the energy crisis seemed like it wasn’t that much of a problem. The government decided to send four kids to venture out into space to find ingredients for an alternate power source. Thousands of kids entered to be part of this adventure, code-named “Project Alpha”, but only eight finalists were chosen. Out of those eight finalists, only four will be chosen to find “The Source”.

I think that this book is interesting due to the countless plot twists. This book has a very deep plot and is very suspenseful. However, adding a bit more humor in the book could make it better. Overall, this book was amazing.

One memorable thing is when the final four were chosen. The members of the final four team were surprising.


Reviewed by Atharva, Grade 7, Twin Hickory Library

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