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Read + Review — Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch


The main character, Meira, goes on a journey across the world to secure alliances with her kingdom, and to protect it from magic that lies within its mountains. She is searching for the Order Of The Lustrate, a secret society that she believes can help with controlling the magic. As she continues traveling, she meets new allies, but also makes new enemies. The more she searches, the more she learns about the dark secrets of each kingdom. This causes her to question whether an alliance would be beneficial to her kingdom after all.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, just like its predecessor, Snow Like Ashes. I felt like the author blended the two sequels very well. The author also did a very good job at adding in twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. It was overall a very good book.

I distinctively remember how I loved the way that the author described each kingdom. The cultures, environments, and people were all unique, and I thought that was really interesting.


Reviewed by Ian, Grade 11, Gayton Library

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