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Read + Review — Telling Tales: Writing Captivating Short Stories by Rebecca Langston-George


This is a great book for beginner writers who want to learn the basic steps of writing short stories. This book gives you an excellent description of each step in the writing process. It also gives you examples of professional authors’ pieces of writing to illustrate how the writing should sound, look, or be written. On top of all of that, it also has “do it yourself” sections which help you practice writing the step in a very fun way.

I like how the author added examples in the book for each step to help the beginners practice each step so they understand how important it is. I also like how it gave pictures for each page to help visual learners understand as well. The descriptions for the book are really good, anyone would know how to write a story after reading this book. I love how the author added examples from professional authors to explain more deeply on how the step should be written or how the theme should be.

There is one page about pourquoi tales and it has a bunch of hilarious pictures of animals. We had to describe how each animal part functions differently, such as how an owl can turn his/her head around all the way.


Reviewed by Divyansh, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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