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Read + Review — The Copper Gauntlet (The Magisterium #2) by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare


Callum Hunt had just passed his first year at a magic school and had returned home for summer break.  After he had learned more about his true self and what he was capable of, life with his father was an almost unfamiliar concept to him.  Instead of chatting about his father’s newest car restoring project, there was silence between him and his dad.  Things had turned upside-down lately; his father has helped an evil group of magicians and has planned to destroy Call himself, along with his pet wolf.  Driven by his rage, Call left and sought shelter with his friends and at the school for magic, the Magisterium.  When he received news of how his father stole the Alkahest, a copper gauntlet containing deadly powers, he and his friends left on a quest to fix the past and return the Alkahest to where it could do no more harm.  As time progressed, everything intensified and more horrors were revealed until the truth was finally discovered.  At that point, they all realized that only one thing could prove to be a solution: “Take it and you will lose or gain more than all others.”

I believe that this is a very interesting read. The characters were well developed and the situations made me want to read on and on. Through the text, the writing was fluent and the tones and moods were clearly emphasized. There was some humor, even though much of the book was more serious. Even though it was the second book of a series, I could start reading and be thoroughly informed of the characters and background. Additionally, this book makes you want to keep reading until you have reached the end. Overall, this is an enjoyable read I would recommend to a friend.

Much of this novel was enjoyable, but a particular section that stands out is when Call and his friends need to solve some riddles in order to finish the quest and discover the truth. Without going into much detail, the riddles were challenging and were almost philosophical. I find this part still fresh in my memory days after I have read it.


Reviewed by Shivram, Grade 8, Gayton Library

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