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Read + Review — Triple Moon: Summer on East End by Melissa De La Cruz


Mardi and Molly Overbrook are the daughters of Thor who live on Earth as ‘normal’ teenagers. Molly was a very chic, classy young girl, when Mardi was more of a rebel and was very vintage. They act like normal sisters, from having silly feuds to sharing a special ring. However, they are actually witches and are the goddesses of rage and strength. After an unfortunate death of two teenagers, Mardi and Molly become the prime suspects of murder. In order to avoid being sent to Limbo by the White Council, the girls are sent to live with their ‘aunt’, Ingrid, to stay out of trouble and learn to control their magic powers. Once they arrive to North Hampton on East End, the two of them meet the Gardiner boys, both falling in love with them. Soon, trouble starts to stir when the twins start seeing the boys. After becoming very close to death, the twins soon learn that they must take care of each other no matter what happens.

This book kept my eyes glued to each page! The suspense kept building in an intense, scary way, however the author managed to keep the story less dark by adding in some humor. The characters dealt with first-world problems that normal people would deal with, which made the book more realistic and believable. However, the book has some bad language in it and I probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone younger than the age of 13. Other than that, I thought there was a very intriguing plot and the suspense made me anxious, yet excited, to read what happened next.

I found that throughout the book, characters showed dramatic change and growth. For example, Mardi and Molly’s relationship with each other changed after they faced many life-risking complications. After seeing how the characters learned to care and show affection for each other, it makes the whole book more interesting and entertaining to read.

four stars

Reviewed by Victoria, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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