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Read + Review — The Impostor Queen by Sara Fine


Elli was just a child when she was chosen to be the Saadella, the next magical queen of the Kupari. When the current queen, the Valtia, dies, her magic will rush into Elli. That is what the elders have been preparing her for her entire life. But when the Valtia dies protecting the kingdom from invasion, Elli receives not one spark of magic. Now, Elli must flee from the expectant elder’s wrath–but where can she hide from the most powerful magic wielders in the kingdom?

This page-turner kept me guessing through every chapter. Elli is incredibly likable, along with the other characters she finds herself accustomed with. There isn’t much humor, but the Elli’s love triangle is very captivating. I loved this book!

I was fascinated with how the author created and described the magic of the Kupari. Incredibly well-thought, Sarah Fine’s Impostor Queen is for anyone looking to reignite their interest in magic.


Reviewed by Emily, Grade 9, Tuckahoe Library

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