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Read + Review — See How They Run by Ally Carter


Shortly after discovering who killed her mother, Grace finds herself wrapped up in another murder mystery. This time, it’s the murder of Jamie’s best friend, Spence, and Alexei’s the main suspect. Grace takes action. She gathers the help of her friends to track down the killer. Along the way, she discovers many shocking truths that could just change everything…

This book was wonderful! I enjoyed the plot twists, and they kept me guessing until the end. Also, Grace was an amazing main character; her perspective was a new experience for me. The plot is different from book one of the Embassy Row series, but it still has the same appeal, and the tone is very consistent. The way Ally Carter writes, it is hard to forget a single moment of the book.

One memorable part of the book is when Alexei finds Spence with Grace, right after Spence kissed Grace. Spence and Alexei then have a huge fight on the beach. This contributes in an important way to the plot.


Reviewed by Ashley, Grade 7, Libbie Mill Library

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