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Read + Review — The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin


The Thing About Jellyfish was about a young girl named Suzy beginning to grieve over a loss of a close friend. She finds possibilities of her friends death may be related to  a jellyfish sting. Suzy becomes more and more introverted throughout the school year, yet she learns so much more in her search for closure.

The Thing About Jellyfish was a greatly written book. However at some points I had trouble following the author. For example one paragraph may be about cats, than the next about a swimmer. I loved the amount of thorough research Suzy did on her topic. She represents so much of what an average middle schooler feels like, stress, agony, and loneliness. The author does a wonderful job of showing readers how Suzy feels.

One memorable thing in the book is what Suzy goes through in school. She feels left out and does not truly have a ‘friend group.’ many teens feel lonely with all the drama in school. The amount of Suzy’s persistence to her cause is an unforgettable event.

four stars

Reviewed by Anaya, Grade 7, Twin Hickory Library

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