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Read + Review — I Funny TV: A Middle School Story by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

ifunnytv Jamie Grimm, a middle school student, thought his life would finally be back to normal after he has finally won a comedian competition. He then finds out that he has to star as the lead role in his own TV show, Jamie Funny. He does not want to do this. If he does not accept the lead role, his uncle’s diner will close for lack of prize money, but if he does accept the role his friends will be disappointed because he will not star in their film. He also has to avoid the new and tougher bully at middle school, Lars Johannsen. He could could not get through these these tough situations without the help of his Uncle, Frankie, and his best friends, Gaynor, Pierce, and Gilda. This story takes place in modern times in the city of Long Beach. It is a humorous fiction book.

I liked how Jamie tried to take on a lot of tasks even though he did not have time to do all the things he volunteered for. I liked how he handled the bullies at school, Lars Johannsen and Stevie Kosgrove. I liked the humor but did not love it. I expected more humor from a book called I Funny TV. I’ve read funnier books and I wish the author had added more humor.

One thing that was memorable to me was how Jamie dealt with bullies at school. Instead of ignoring them or fighting back he tried to take them down with humor. I also liked how he was loyal to his friend and helped them no matter how difficult the task.


Reviewed by Virginia, Grade 6, Libbie Mill Area Library 

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