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Read + Review — The Whole Truth: Writing Fearless Nonfiction by Nadia Higgins

fearless_nonfiction This book is about how to write fearless non-fiction. It contains many examples of professional pieces of this type of writing. It has many author profiles that explain the authors’ history and how they began writing. It also contains many do it yourself sections for every step, which I think is amazing because it really helps you understand the topic better and helps you have an idea of how to write it. Another thing that I also really think is helpful is the work sited section at the end of the book. This will help you get more information on the topic by going to the original source for more information.

I think that this book is great for kids of all ages that want to have a profession in the field of writing. I think that this book contains a lot of really helpful information about this one particular topic and how it goes over what was needed to create pages of actual authors and pieces they wrote. Also that she had the time and effort to add do it yourself sections to help even more with the beginners reading this book. Overall I think that this book is great to learn the different forms of writing.

The most memorable thing about this book was the author profiles. It really showed meaning by explaining some of their tips in writing and also how they became a writer. It also showed that everyone in the world can become an author.

four stars

Reviewed by Divyansh, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library 

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