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Read + Review — Most Dangerous by Steve Sheinkin

most_dangerous This book is about Daniel Ellsberg and the Vietnam War. In the book, Daniel Ellsberg works at the Pentagon under Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. Daniel Ellsberg finds out that the United States is losing the war, and McNamara has created an investigation called the Pentagon Papers into why the US Military is losing the war while having more resources and a technological advantage. Daniel Ellsberg later becomes an anti-war activist and tries to end the Vietnam War.

Overall, Most Dangerous was a fast-paced adventure book, and I enjoyed it. I liked how the author uses Daniel Ellsberg’s story to reveal the story behind the Vietnam War. Things that I didn’t like is that the author didn’t reveal more information about the end of the Vietnam War, and ending the book with: “‘The evacuation has been completed.”‘ I would like the author to include more of how communist forces got control of Saigon and why the government decided to evacuate Americans.

One memorable thing about the book is that it shows how Daniel Ellsberg reveals the truth about the Vietnam War and how the United States government tried to jail him for doing so. This was memorable because it is the climax of the story with tension and suspense.


Reviewed by Kevin, Grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library

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