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Read + Review — The Siren by Kiera Cass

siren This book details the adventures of a girl who almost drowns in a shipwreck and then is inducted into a secret sisterhood of sirens. She is forced to use her voice to lure people to their deaths for a term of one hundred years, in service of the ocean. For eighty years, she carried out her duties perfectly, until she meets the human boy Akinli. She must risk her life and those of her sisters to pursue her love, as she continues her adventures as a mysterious siren.

This book felt predictable at times, and embraced many of the clichés of teen-girl romances. Her writing style was often overdramatic and echoed the tone of a soap opera. However, I also enjoyed the fun and entertaining story, perfect for a beach read. The characters of the female sirens seemed underdeveloped and one-sided, but the author made up for it with the lovable characterization of Akinli. The Siren resembles the writing style of her wonderful Selection series, but does not quite live up to it in plot.

Kahlen’s romance, while admittedly a little cheesy, was very sweet and touching. I was rooting for them throughout the book, and the scenes between Kahlen and Akinli were definitely the highlight of the story.


Reviewed by Caroline, Grade 12, Tuckahoe Area Library

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