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Read + Review — It’s All Your Fault by Paul Rudnick

unbroken This book is about a hyper-Christian 16-year-old girl, Catey Singleberry who is sent by her mother to look after her hyper-not-Christian cousin of the same age, Heller Harrigan. Catey is homeschooled; Heller didn’t go to school. Heller’s a movie star. Because of this, Catey is sent out into the big wide world of New York City for a four-day weekend, one full of an ungrateful Heller, a rebellious Heller, an insecure Heller, and an anxious, panicked Catey.

I loved it. I found myself identifying with both Heller and Catey; since the two are such polar opposites, both of them have at least one shared characteristic with the reader. Because of this, my favorite parts of the book were the ones where their relationship developed. Normally, I don’t read this realistic-fiction genre; because of this, I am not sure how to criticize the writing. To be honest, I don’t want to. I don’t like criticizing pieces that made me tear up, regardless of how embarrassed I am of having cried at a comedy.

I feel that the most memorable part of the book is when Heller confides in Catey and Catey turns away. This stuck with me, because it seemed to illustrate that regardless of future interaction, time, or previous memories, a hurtful action or situation can completely alter the balance in a relationship.


Reviewed by Addie, Grade 9, Libbie Mill Area Library 

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