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Read + Review — Macbeth #killingit by William Shakespeare and Courtney Carbone

unbroken This book is about Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” a tragedy about a strange prophecy, two power hungry nobles, and the bloody feud over the crown of Scotland. The story travels through the actions of Macbeth and his wife Lady Macbeth, as they try to take and keep the crown away from the rightful heir Malcolm. This causes much blood to be shed and many dying in the process.

I thought both the book and the play was great, one of my favorite things about the book was its writing style, and how they use emojis and text slang to make the story of Macbeth easier to understand. The humor of the book was also very charming, and how sometimes it makes dark situations a little more light hearted. But there was one thing I didn’t really like, I know that this book was meant to be a more simplified version of Macbeth, but it really leaves out a lot of the details in the actually Macbeth. And to people who don’t understand much of the emojis, slang, and acronyms, it would be very confusing on trying to read it, but a feature I like at the end of the book, is that it explains all of the texting acronyms and emoticons, for any clueless person reading it.

Something very memorable about the book is probably the story itself, because this was my first time reading Shakespeare’s Macbeth. I heard that Macbeth was very gruesome, morbid, and bloody, but even in a more gentler book, it was very cutthroat and gruesome anyway.


Reviewed by Lillian, Grade 6, Glen Allen Library 

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