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Read + Review — Paper Towns by John Green

unbroken Quentin Jacobsen is a high school senior who lives in Jefferson Park, a subdivision in Florida. He is secretly obsessed over his nextdoor neighbor, Margo Roth Spiegelman. Quentin and Margo were childhood friends, but they haven’t hung out with each other ever since they were nine years old. After nine years of not hanging out with Quentin, Margo suddenly climbs through Quentin’s window during the night and tells him that she needs his help to execute a brilliant 11-stage plan of retribution. Quentin agrees to help Margo execute her plan, and the two end up spending the entire night travelling through Jefferson Park and vandalizing the possessions of Margo’s friends. But during the night, Quentin realizes that Margo is not the girl he thought she was. The next day, Margo does not show up at school, so Quentin asks a few of his best friends to help him find Margo. But will Quentin ever find Margo again?

I thought that this book was a great mystery. No wonder it won many awards. My favorite character was Ben Starling, one of Quentin’s best friends, because he was a funny and loyal friend. My least favorite character was Chuck because he was so mean to Quentin even though Quentin was never really mean to him.

I enjoyed the well-constructed dialogue of this book, but one thing that I did not like about the book was how the physical descriptions of the characters were not detailed. I would recommend this book to anybody who likes to read mysteries.


Reviewed by James, Grade 8, Gayton Library 

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