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Read + Review — Pegasus: The Flame of Olympus by Kate O’Hearn

unbroken Pegasus, the mythical winged horse from Olympus, crashed on Emily’s roof during a storm. Soon, Emily is plunged into a world of fantasy and danger as she needs to save Pegasus. Calling upon the help of Joel, she helps mend Pegasus, but that’s not that worst of their problems. A boy named Paelen, they believe, is connected to this jumble, and Pegasus confirms their beliefs. They must find Paelen, but an attack by monsters on their roof leads to an emergency flight, a crash landing in Central Park, and a meeting with a goddess named Diana. Eventually, they are captured, escape with Paelen, and set out to do two things: find the Daughter of Vesta and save Olympus. Will they ever do it, or will they die trying?

This book had two points of view: Paelen and Emily. There were also Joel, Diana, Emily’s father, and Pegasus. There were several twists that made me say, “Oh! I should’ve seen that coming!” Once you learn it, it’s surprising you didn’t figure it out before. The biggest twist, for sure, was the identity of the Daughter of Vesta. It was the one event that changed everything. The book was pretty good, but I prefer Rick Riordan’s books on the same topic.

The most memorable part was when Emily asked Joel for help. His stubborn refusal, of course, was expected. When he met Pegasus, the change was amazing.


Reviewed by Ashley, Grade 7, Libbie Mill Area Library

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