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Read + Review — Stars Above by Marissa Meyer

unbroken Stars Above is a collection of short stories designed to be a companion to The Lunar Chronicles, read after Winter. The Keeper, Glitches, The Queen’s Army, Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky, After Sunshine Passes By, The Princess and the Guard, and The Mechanic all provide backstory to the important characters. In contrast, The Little Android is a story in the same setting of New Beijing about an android with a glitch in her personality chip, who falls in love with a human. Something Old, Something New is an epilogue to the series, featuring a wedding between Scarlet and Wolf.

My favorite short story was Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky. Thorne had the same attitude and goals as he has in the books. He’s busy swindling people out of their money and getting them to do his work. While the stories ranged in tone to suit the situation, they all remained consistent with the characters, lending to the way it seemed natural.

I really enjoyed the entire book, but the most memorable part was Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky. Several quotes stood out, and Carswell’s always been a memorable character. His narrative was fun to read, and it was much less serious than the others, especially Wolf’s, which was memorable for being serious.


Reviewed by Ashley, Grade 7, Libbie Mill Area Library 

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