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Read + Review — The Game of Lives by James Dashner

unbroken Michael used to live to game, but now the games have become a little bit too close to reality. Only a few weeks before, sinking into the Sleep was fun. The virtual reality system known as “the Sleep”, uses the most sophisticated gaming technology for a more full-body experience. Before, it was his passion to enter the Sleep, but now every time he does, it is a hazard to his own life. Everyday, Kaine, the antagonist, is becoming stronger, and his master plan to make virtual reality into reality is slowly occurring. If he does succeed, then it would mean cyber domination. But it seems that Michael is the only person skilled enough at the game to stop Kaine from achieving his ultimate goal.

Really, I enjoyed this book quite a bit and it has become one of my favorites. The style that the author chose to use really reminds me of something like the Matrix, which was action packed and very suspenseful. The characters that were presented were very good because of the fact that they portrayed a character that I would have thought about if there had been no description. The writing style was very unique, but very effective. I felt that I was within the book while reading it due to the word usage and situations that the author put the reader in. However, the book did lack a particularly funny part because most of the book was quite serious. As an overall, I really enjoyed the book and would recommend to anybody who likes action packed books.

The main thing that stuck to me the entire book was Michael’s passion towards the game and how it slowly depleted every time he came out of the Sleep. This was the most memorable thing about the book because of the fact that even though he was getting hurt, or he realized that it was all becoming too real, he continued to do it. This aided him when he had to stop the villain because of the expertise that he had gained from playing the game non-stop.


Reviewed by Abhinav, Grade 8, Gayton Library 

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