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Read + Review — Under Their Skin by Margaret Peterson Haddix

unbroken Everything is going to change in Nick and Eryn’s life (in their opinion) now that their mom is remarried. They will have to deal with a new father, move into a new house, but most surprisingly, their mom tells them, they’ll never have to meet their new stepbrother and stepsister. Curious as ever, Nick and Eryn are determined to find out why their mom acts so weird and who their siblings really are. When a snow day perfectly turns up, and the twins manage to get out of the house, will they uncover all the mysteries that appear in this book, or will they get in trouble and give up on the expedition?

This book was awesome! I loved how the author lets Nick and Eryn find the answer to one mystery, while another one pops up later on. The reader feels a sense of excitement, and an eagerness to find out what’s next. Haddix also matches the reading level and vocabulary to the middle school type; she let me connect things to my own life, and how I behave. That gave the book some humor as I thought that I would do the same thing in certain situations. Overall, I loved reading this book.

Under Their Skin shows a lot of thoughts for Eryn and Nick, and I liked them because it helped the reader know whats going on more, and it gave some connections in the way I would think. There were also many surprising parts, which left me hanging until the next chapter, letting me think through many things and start asking myself some questions.


Reviewed by Carolyn, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library 

1 thought on “Read + Review — Under Their Skin by Margaret Peterson Haddix”

  1. I love the book it is fabmazing and I loved reading it. Margaret Peterson Haddix is amazing author and I think she earned her place as my favorite author

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