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Read + Review – Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan, and Deborah Biancotti

51u2e-hhgyl-_sx335_bo1204203200_The book is about six teenagers, all with unique superpowers. However, they don’t truly understand or know how to use their superpowers yet. Coincidentally, all of them were born in the year 2000, which is why they called themselves Zeroes (a spin-off of the word Heroes). Although they aren’t really heroes at all, the six “friends” go on missions to discover what their powers are truly about. They all discover that they are best together and need each other to get out of sticky situations.

I liked how the characters were sort of like superheroes, yet had unique abilities that I would have never thought up on my own. The characters were also fun to read about, however some of them were unnecessary. A few of the characters didn’t have as much significance as the others and some parts of the book were useless. There were 6 overall narrators which made it hard to keep up with the characters. This was especially apparent because the narrations switched every chapter and the book didn’t go that much into detail because each chapter was so short.

One memorable thing about the book is how much words can hurt other people, even if they aren’t said. The characters all were friends until Scam says hurtful things to each person in the group, leaving them to disband but to come together again in times of deep need.


Reviewed by Kevin, Grade 9, Twin Hickory Area Library

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