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Read + Review: I Funny TV: A Middle School Story by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

ifunnytvAfter winning the title of Planet’s Funniest Kid in Hollywood, Jamie had received an offer for a television show that would be based on parts of his life. Though he was unsure, he had accepted the offer, knowing that his decision for this offer will affect his life, including his uncle’s diner. Accepting the offer, he was soon on the sets and was working for his first episode, but soon one of his mistakes put his future into jeopardy. Fortunately, his amusing personality and confidence had elevated him back to the position he had lost on television, and his friend Gilda had became the director of the show. Will Jamie’s television show become successful, or will this show mark the end of his early career?

Having portrayed a strong character through Jamie’s life and attempting to build on an idea that having an ability is stronger than having a disability, the author had a great way to connect with his readers. Normally, each book has one bully, but the author manages to show humor in the story by creating a bully that picks on another. The author also shows the concept of friendship by creating a situation in which that Jamie’s friends, Gaynor and Pierce, had helped him into his wheelchair when he was on the ground. Though I Funny TV is a great book, I disliked Donna Dinkle’s character due to her negative attitude in parts of the book.

One memorable thing about this book was how the author had included the idea/concept of friendship in a fascinating story like I Funny TV. The concept of friendship was portrayed in this story as the author created a scenario in which Jamie was on the ground and he needed assistance in order to get back on his wheelchairs. In addition, the author builds on the idea that having an ability is stronger than having a disability.


Reviewed by Ronojoy, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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