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Read + Review: Macbeth #killinit by William Shakespeare and Courtney Carbone

macbethDo you feel as if Shakespeare’s writings are just boring and lengthy? Well, try reading the exact same Shakespeare stories, in the form of texting and slang words! In this novel, Carbone uses Macbeth, originally written by Shakespeare, but writes it as if the characters were talking in group messages, social media posts, and other modern forms of communication. Obviously there is the character Macbeth, but there are also other notable characters such as Lady Macbeth, Duncan, Malcolm, Donalbain, Banquo, Fleance, and the Three Witches. There is lots of fighting for power and murder throughout the entire play, but how will it end up in the end?

As a person who is not very into reading Shakespeare, I thought that reading this book was a great way to understand and truly enjoy the classics of Shakespeare. I could completely understand the plot of Macbeth because this is how I communicate with friends and family currently. This did not bother me very much, but for other people, this might seem as if it is too modernized. If you are able to get over the fact that it is written more for the younger generation, this book is a great book to provide classic Shakespeare and get some humor at the same time!

One memorable thing about this book, along with the rest of the books in this series is the fact that it is written more for my generation in text slang. It helps me connect more with the book and quite honestly understand the plot better. Before, Shakespeare was very confusing and often led me very lost, but with this book, it was very easy to comprehend!


Reviewed by Becca, Grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library

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