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Read + Review: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

fifth_waveA massive multi-step apocalypse has hit the Earth and millions were affected! This novel features Cassiopeia (She is called Cassie by others). She is just your average girl dealing with pretty average problems. Suddenly the apocalypse comes and everything she had known changed forever. You watch her change and grow as a person in these unusual circumstances. She becomes strong and capable, unlike her unimpressive former self. Most importantly, she finds out and battles what is causing the world such pain and anguish.

I did not particularly enjoy this book. On the contrary, I can see why it was so critically acclaimed. The story was very well thought out and complex. The premise was very fascinating. I just disliked the execution. It was pretty anti-climactic compared to other things I read from the same genre. The few bursts of action seemed rushed and only so the plot can continue. The main thing I disliked about this mostly was our main hero, Cassie. She did not feel the slightest bit relatable or interesting. You could tell that the author tried very hard, because she cursed and generally was sarcastic and moody. But despite all this, I felt little to no connection with her. I really enjoyed her little brother, and you get a bit from his perspective. I feel that the other characters were severely underutilized by Mr. Yancey.

Great books with loads of potential can be messed up with flat characters. You should not try too hard to make people relatable as it puts a wall between the reader and the character.


Reviewed by Sydney, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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