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Read + Review: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

81urhozeuelThis book is a sequel to the wonderful first book in The Lunar Chronicles series. It follows a girl by the name of Scarlet Benoit and her mysterious world. Scarlet is a strong willed, independent girl who dearly loves her grandmother. When Scarlet’s grandma disappears, Scarlet goes on a physical and mental journey while meeting exciting new heroes (and heroes we already know) while dealing with some dangerous foes.

I think that this book was great. I love Scarlet’s character. Her personality is somewhat relatable to me, but what I enjoy most is how I can aspire to be like her. I get the same feeling when it comes to Cinder. The author generally puts lots of role models into her stories and it is great! The plot is filled with twists and turns. Once you think you have the plot figured out, things change in a split seconds. Meyer loves to keep her audience on her toes. The technology is a bit less advanced than the original, but the mystery element is far more apparent there then in Cinder. Lastly, I prefer Cinder to this. But I love this book very much! They are very different and I am only comparing them because they are in the same series.

This book reminded me that sequels can be good. A book does not need to be exactly like the original material to be wonderful. Scarlet is just another unique read from Marissa Meyer.


Reviewed by Sydney, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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