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Read + Review: The Mystery of Hollow Places by Rebecca Podos


22811780The Mystery of Hollow Places is a strong, substantive novel about the power of love and utilizing less than desirable circumstances to find one’s inner self. The only recollection Imogene Scott, the main character, has of her biological mother comes from the story her father tells her about how they met. Mr. Scott, a forensic pathologist, leaves authorities baffled when he disappears without notice. Though no one can comprehend this mysterious choice, Imogene knows that he has set out to find her mother. In a riveting sequence of events, Imogene resourcefully turns to the wisdom gained from her dad’s work and takes on the mission of finding not only her father, but discovering the true identity of the woman that left her as an infant.

This novel left me hankering for more. Rebecca Podos seamlessly creates dynamic characters that bring themselves to life. Each personality is uniquely different but once they are amalgamated, Podos’ true brilliance shines through. For example, being introduced to characters Lindy and Jessa leads to the stereotyping of both. However, as they “ripen”, we become more attached. The way Podos uses diction to engage the reader throughout the entire story allows us to be included in the gradual development of every character. “The Mystery of Hollow Places” has quenched my enduring demand for an engaging suspenseful read.

Imogene’s decision to take on the mystery of her mother’s abandonment is most notable in this book. It admirably shows Imogene becoming more mature and curious.


Reviewed by Zhane, Grade 10, Gayton Library

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