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Banned Books Week is Here!


This week – September 26-30, is #BannedBooksWeek in libraries across the country.  Public libraries and librarians pride themselves on being on the front lines in the fight against censorship, and we take our communities’ right to access information very seriously.  Access to information, freedom of information, freedom to read, and self-directed learning are foundational to the mission of all public libraries, and all of these things are threatened by censorship.

Banned Books Week celebrates the freedom to read and access to information that is essential for an educated and informed community to develop and thrive.  We celebrate by drawing attention to repressive attempts at censorship nationwide, and applauding the efforts of students, parents, teachers, authors, librarians, administrators, and community members to fight back, defend the first amendment, and protect our freedom to read.

Check out the  infographic below from the American Library Association for more information on censorship and the most frequently challenged books of the last year, and stay tuned on hcplTeenScene and our social media for pictures of HCPL Libraries as Banned Books Week Continues!


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