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Read + Review — Ghost by Jason Reynolds

ghostGhost is the story of a boy named Castle Crenshaw who finds a passion for running. He is originally from the poorer side of town and gets in trouble often at school. However, one day he watches a running team’s practice and ties with one of the best sprinters; because of that, he is invited to join the team. From a new sense of belonging, Ghost works his way out of his behavioral issues – that is, he commits fewer altercations.

I didn’t love the book, but at the same time, I didn’t dislike it; I think that it’s the type of book you read on a slow Sunday but think about for a month. My favorite characters are Lu and Sunny, but all of the people in this story are easy to love. Also, Ghost’s character development feels natural, which is nice, because the book itself seems to have been written to advocate personal transformation. While this purpose is risky (it tends to fail), I daresay that Reynolds succeeded.

Mr. Charles is a memorable character for playing a grandfatherly role. He runs a shop in Ghost’s neighborhood, and is a person whom Ghost trusts.


Reviewed by Addie, grade 10, Libbie Mill Area Library

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